Women's Retreat
Lavish is a 3-day, 2-night retreat for women, prayerfully designed to direct us into an encounter with the heart of God as we experience new ways to see, feel, hear, and live as accepted and desired by our Creator.

Lavish is a journey of intimacy...

...a doorway to a powerful and personal experience of the beautiful invitation from God, Jesus and Holy Spirit to “to come,” “to knock,” and to “taste and see” rediscovering this most important relationship in your life and reclaiming your First Love.

As we engage in the way of love together, finding and falling in love, struggling and growing in love, living and being in love, we discover that the Trinity can be fully known and experienced by us and that we too can be deeply known by God and others.

At Lavish, through silence and prayer, you will find rest, refreshment and restoration for your heart and soul as we explore in sacred community the wonderful love story God is writing with you…you, the one He desires and longs for.

We invite you to join us and discover what many women have discovered on a Lavish retreat, God’s love is a gift He offers freely to you. And this gift, His lavish love, is what you have been longing for and all you will ever need.

Upcoming Retreats




Lavish in Georgia

March 24-26, 2023

Located in Rutledge, Georgia.


Lavish in Canada

June 2-4, 2023

Located at the Galilee Center in Arnprior, Ontario.

"What? Thou the spouse of Christ and yet content to live without His company?"
Charles Spurgeon

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