Spiritual Direction

For Individuals and Groups
The gift of a spiritual friend or soul companion is an increased awareness of God in everything and the space to respond to the “still, small voice within”. To help you draw from a deeper well in responding to life, to ministry, to work...
Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a journey you take with a soul friend who points you to God’s active presence and revelation in your life. Listening, paying attention, attending to God and holding a space for sacred conversation to happen.

Who we serve


Cultivate a safe place to experience God and process your own spiritual journey.


Offer a way of listening and reflecting in community on our encounters and struggles with God in everyday life.


For spiritual leaders in ministry, business and church who desire to lead from God’s wisdom and way.

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“At its core, spiritual direction is companionship in your ever-deepening relationship with God.”
Benedictine Center for Spirituality

Our Spiritual Directors

Rick Carnett

Rick has been practicing Spiritual Direction since 2010. Over the past 16 years Rick has served in ministries focused on listening to the hearts of others and turning to God for life transformation. Rick has been overwhelmed by God’s eternal love and unlimited grace freely poured out in his own life as well as the lives of countless others. Prior to this, he spent 30 years serving in executive, senior management roles within the technology industry. MBA, BA in biblical studies.

Pearl Dresser

Pearl has been practicing Spiritual Direction since 2019. Her deepest desire is to walk with others on their journey to relationship with Creator God, participate in the discovery of understanding one’s true self and watch God’s purpose and love unleashed in others. She savors His presence and longs for others to dwell with Him there. Pearl has been involved with a number of church and para-church ministries for the past 20 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Communications, manages her own business and has worked in the high tech industry for over 25 years. Pearl is married to Geoff and has three grown boys.

Cindy Dyer

Cindy has been practicing Spiritual Direction since 2019. Her journey has taken her from full-time ministry to the corporate world, from singleness to marriage late in life. Along the way, she has walked through unrealized hopes, cancer and the loss of loved ones. Through the highs and lows, she has discovered more of God’s deep love and compassionate presence. As a spiritual companion, she offers a safe space and a listening heart to those in every season of the soul to explore and deepen their walk with God.

Jody Green

Jody has been practicing Spiritual Direction since 2011. Over the last 15 years Jody has served as a ministry leader, spiritual formation groups leader, retreat leader, and creative person. Jody has seen her own life transformed by God in the process of walking with others on this sacred journey. Jody’s heart is to see all people fall in love with their most authentic self as they fall in love with God, discovering that as we open ourselves up to the fullness of all God has created us to be, we get a beautiful glimpse of God’s plans, purpose and presence in and for our lives.

Larry Green

Larry has been practicing Spiritual Direction since 2007. Over the past 18 years Larry has served at Cloudwalk as God has led this growing community of lovers and followers of Jesus. Prior to this he spent 21 years in the corporate world, including The Coca-Cola Company. In 2002 he had a holy encounter that led him into a life of loving and following God with all his heart. Larry has a passion for inviting all people, including leaders, into the living presence of God where they experience eternal life with The Trinity.

Debbie Huie

Debbie has been practicing spiritual listening since 2012. Over the last 12 years Debbie has served in spiritual formation groups and retreats. By listening and following the Holy Spirit she has seen her life renewed by God. Debbie’s desire is to use Holy listening to help others grow closer to God as they discover the desires of their heart. She loves to listen to God on behalf of others.

Judy James

Judy became involved with Cloud Walk in 2015 and completed training as a spiritual director in spring of 2020. Married in 1979, with kids and grandkids, she spent most of her adult life working on the water and is still often found there. She also enjoys writing about encounters with the Living God, mostly for 'Courtship of Christ'. In more recent years, Judy has become dedicated to helping people incorporate a balanced approach to health. While physical and emotional challenges often consume a great deal of energy, she believes spiritual rest to be a fundamental and underrated part of the health tripod. That is why she receives direction, and why she wants to share it with others - because connecting with the Holy Trinity makes a difference.

Holly Lloyd

Holly has been practicing Spiritual Direction since 2020. Holly has a passion for helping others develop a closer walk with God. She loves to help people find the joy of seeing God’s hand in their daily life. As she helps others she continues to see transformation in her own life. Holly has over 10 years of experience with 12 step spirituality.

Esther Pigg

Esther has been practicing Spiritual Direction since 2018. Recently retired from a corporate career, Esther is enjoying the freedom to journey with Jesus in spiritual direction. Esther has led community groups, retreats and Bible studies over the years and is now excited to share the sacred space of God’s presence in the midst of our busy culture as a spiritual companion.

Bill Serravezza

Bill has been practicing Spiritual Direction since 2018. Over the past 14 years Bill has been involved in a number of ministries in leading, mentoring, coaching, and facilitating. Prior to this, he spent 35 years in the corporate world with SunTrust Bank. Having experienced personally a profound, awakened, intimate, loving relationship with God through spiritual direction, Bill desires to help others to more fully receive God’s limitless and unconditional love as they learn to love more fully God, themselves and others.

Claire Williams

Claire has been practicing Spiritual Direction since 2015. Claire has seen her life transformed by God. Although raised in the church, in 2005 she had an experience with God that forever changed how she learns and understands His truths. Since then, He has continued to meet her - transforming her heart and her relationship with the Trinity. Claire has a deep conviction that every person hears from God and that He longs to spend more time with each of them. She feels called to journey with others as they experience more of the Trinity and begin to live in clarity and harmony with God’s will.

Spiritual Direction Training

Interested in becoming a Spiritual Director?

We are fortunate to have Sustainable Faith as a ministry partner. SF offers participants an immersive, integrated and robust introduction to the ministry of spiritual direction and a two-year program to become certified as a Spiritual Director.

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God's Message yet again: "Go stand at the crossroads and look around. Ask for directions to the old road, the tried and true road. Then take it. Discover the right route for your souls". Jeremiah 6:16

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